Punky Brewster Challenger

I remember watching the Challenger space shuttle launch in grade school and then heading to the cafeteria for lunch shortly after the explosion.

In a very special Punky Brewster, Episode 44 “Accidents Happen”, Punky reacts to the shuttle disaster featuring special guest Buzz Aldrin. Even though I was roughly Punky’s age at the time, I don’t remember having any any kind of traumatic reaction from the disaster but who is to say? I still remember that day, after all. It was the last time they wheeled a TV into the classroom for a shuttle launch.

The episode is is available in two parts on youtube.

Part 1:

Part 2:



Less Than Zero: An Homage to ‘80s Lit, Big Hair & Distressed Denim

San Francisco’s Litquake organization is hosting the event Less Than Zero: An Homage to ‘80s Lit, Big Hair & Distressed Denim.

The event features some of our favorite Bay Area writers reading 1980’s literature, along with the usual 80’s nostalgia


  • Joshua Mohr reading Bret Easton Ellis
  • Alia Volz reading Tama Janowitz
  • Andrew Dugas reading Jay McInerney
  • Michelle Tea reading from The Official Preppy Handbook


  • Sparkle Motion dance duo channeling the Solid Gold Dancers
  • New Wave/Dynasty makeup bar
  • Vintage films
  • Dress-up bin replete with leg warmers, fingerless gloves, scrunchies, and other glorious items from the cutting edge of ‘80s style

Thursday, July 24, 2014 – 8:00 PM
Verdi Club
2424 Mariposa Street
$15 advance, $20 at door
Proceeds benefit Lit Crawl 2014

Details and ticket links at http://www.litquake.org/calendar-of-events/less-than-zero-litquakes-homage-to-80s-lit-big-hair-and-distressed-denim